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XXX Gay Phone Stories

All confessions are recorded by, and about, individuals over the age of 18 indulging in
consensual sexual activities.

Calls cost £1.02 / min at all times. Calls from mobile phones and public phoneboxes may cost more than this.
Callers must be over 18 and must have the telephone bill-payer's permission. Service by ADV, PO Box 5092, NN8 4ZR.

Step 1: Call 0909 047 7996 Call 0909 047 7996
Step 2: Enter the story code Enter the story code
Step 3: Listen and enjoy Listen and enjoy

WARNING: Listening to these confessions usually leads to rapid sexual arousal and acute penile stiffness that can only be cured by vigorous rubbing and ejaculation.

Please note that you must be over the age of 18 to be able to access & listen to this adult material. You must not access this material if you easily offended by erotic material of an extremely sexually explicit nature. This service is currently only available within the UK.


700 Fun with my str8 mate in the shower
701 Str8 young hitchhiker gets sucked off
702 My mate's dad sucked my dick
703 Fuck me down a country lane
704 I'll suck your hot cock
705 Join in our hot teen (18+) gay sex orgy
706 I had sex in the shower with str8 college football captain
707 My white silky boxer shorts make me horny
708 My mate's dad let me blow him
709 I gave a guy a blowjob at the newsagents

710 I'll be your hot teenage (18+) nude model
711 You are my master and I will pleasure you
712 You wank me off in my red silky boxer shorts
713 Sucking and fucking in the park toilets
714 Wanking and sucking with str8 guy
715 Slam your dick up my tight butt
716 Screw me while my mate sucks me off
717 Bizarre caning and wanking session with bored husband
718 Shag me under the table in a crowded pub
719 I pissed over a guy

720 Let's do it in the bus shelter
721 Young offender sucks ex-screw's cock
722 Shafted by ex-army guy
723 Use my naked body for your pleasure
724 Spanked and caned in the gym
725 Wanking, sucking and fucking
726 Shagged by a guy while his wife watched
727 I love str8 guys
728 Gang of teens wanking on a street corner
729 Changing room exhibitionist

730 I suck best mate's cock while his girlfriend sleeps on sofa
731 Hot young skinhead in tight thong
732 Fucked both ends by str8 guys
733 Life guard screws swimming lad
734 Birthday sex in gents
735 Squirming naked with bear trucker on grass
736 Sergeant gets horny with teenage squad
737 New starter gets horny with warehouse lad
738 Shagging a flasher in the park
739 Spunky boy (18+) gang-bang

740 My str8 friend jacked me off
741 I sucked of college football captain
742 Trunks down and cocks up
743 Fuck me with your fingers and dick
744 Wanking with pensioner and lad
745 Looking after my elderly neighbour
746 Any str8 guys out there want sex with a horny lad?
747 A spanked and wanked the school bully
748 Sex in the storeroom
749 I sucked my boss's dick

750 Peel my piss & cum stained pants off my unwashed knob
751 Hot sex with smooth teen
752 College guy gets hard fuck from str8 brute
753 My first gay experience
754 Wank with me
755 Gay lad put up for sex auction
756 Glory-hole sexfest
757 Horny teen (18+) swaps dirty letters with older guy
758 Wank off a teen lad (18+) in his bedroom
759 Gay sex games with my gang of str8 mates

760 Spank me and fuck me over the leather topped horse
761 Wank and suck off a young guy (18+) in the sun
762 Wanking with my college dorm roommate
763 I'll ram my slick stiff cock up your tight arse
764 Suck my dick and I'll fuck your tight butt
765 I'm gonna be the first guy to fuck you
766 I suck your dick
767 You're chained to the bed as I ride your cock up & down
768 I suck and shag a guy while his girlfriend watches
769 I showed my old schoolmate how good an escort I am

770 Teen circle wank in backroom
771 Me and str8 mate get horny in gay bar
772 My first fuck in a sauna
773 Shagging on the swimming pool steps
774 Steam room orgy
775 Teen cousins sex session
776 Wanking in the bus shelter
777 Football lad gets his cock out for peeping tom
778 Shagging new player in back of the car
779 School games teacher pulled my football shorts down

780 Fucked before training
781 Mate's dad sucked me off in my football kit
782 I'll keep my baseball cap on while you suck my dick
783 Scally boys with their dicks out down an alley
784 Teen scallies suck and fuck on double-decker bus
785 Put your hand down my trackie bottoms
786 Scally lads shagging in park toilets
787 Celebrating with an orgy in the changing rooms
788 Teen footballer caned and fucked in front of team-mates
789 Fantasy sex with horny striker

790 Football lads sucking cock
791 My horny team-mate gets my cock hard
792 Scally lads playing with their dicks
793 Suck my scally cock in your car
794 Scally wanking in shiny nylon footie shorts
795 Beaten-up scally lad sucked, wanked and shagged
796 Scally skinhead gets fucked in toilets



4214 Let DSS bloke shag me for a crisis loan
4227 Got me ring stretched for an oh-zee of weed
4204 Me gang play wiv our dicks outside the Late Shop
5402 Soccer thug sex
5404 Three prison inmates give me a good time
6355 I fucked a chav from the Cosby estate in the town bogs good & hard
6356 Off me head sniffing glue as me scally mate sucks off me juicy knob
6357 Shooting cum down the leg of me trackies
6358 Me scally gang have a group wank outside the offy
6359 Our gang & Cosby gang have a mass orgy

6360 I fuck me mate Danny up the arse behind the tower block
6361 Shagged two moshers in the park
6362 Pressed me hard cock up Wez's tight bum hole
6363 Slammed me big dick up Wez's tight ring
6364 Bent copper spanks & screws chav teen joyriders
6365 I let horny scally-watcher shag me up the arse
6366 Fucked in me gob & arse by two queers
6367 Was spanked to try & make me change me ways
6368 Watching a porno wiv council workman
6369 Hot scally pics get me knob dripping

6370 Gagging for a spliff so I offers me arse to the dealer
6371 Had to toss off as me scally mates get naked in the pub
6372 Gave an old geezer a blow job for £20
6373 Me mum's boyfriend sucked me off
6374 Me & Mancunian chav wank off on a tram
6375 Horny student pulled down me trackies & played wiv me cock
6376 Playing wiv me Uncle Stevie's big juicy knob
6377 Me gang had a tossing competition over a garden wall
6378 Let me drug dealer 'ave me arse
6379 Shagging one of me chav mates down an alley on the Cosby estate

4203 We pretend to fuck our str8 scally mates on the estate
4204 Me gang play wiv our stiff cocks outside the Late Shop
4205 Scally lad is an expert with his mouth on my stiff dick
4206 C'mon mate, do you wanna have some cock fun with a teen scally lad?
4207 Sharing a changing cubicle with a fit scally lad in the sports shop
4208 Scally mates grabbing each other's cocks through their shiny trackies
4209 Wank your cock wiv a hot young scally lad
4210 Lad checked me out & got well hard
4211 Me fit chav mates on the estate get me well horny
4212 Uncle Stevie caught me 'aving a wank

4213 Tough scally gets his gob round your hard slippery cock
4214 Let bloke in the DSS shag me so I could get a crisis loan
4215 Fucked by the coppers in the bogs
4216 Naked fun on the tyre swings in the park
4217 Let's 'ave some cock fun behind the chippie
4218 Me cock peeps out from the leg of me shorts
4219 'Ad some fun with me mam's boyfriend
4220 I slip me sweaty scally cock up your tight arse
4221 Scally lads' sweaty armpits turn me on
4222 I wank off into me chav mate's skanky underpants

4223 Shagging me mate Robbie in the tower block lift
4224 Me clingy nylon trackies keep me cock hard 24/7
4226 You wank off over a well-fit scally's tight 6-pack
4227 Got me arse stretched for an oh-zee of weed
4228 Imagine if you & me were banged up in a cell together
4229 Slip yer hot dick in me gob
4230 Wankin' wiv me trackies clingin' to me knob
4231 Bent bizzies bang me & Danny up in a cell
4232 Lads' (18+) cocks get well 'ard
4233 Naked scrappin' wiv me mate Digger

4234 Our white shiny trackies show off our cocks
4235 Scrappin' & spunkin' up wiv Wez
4236 Shagged quiet lad (18+) from posh houses
4237 My dick & your dick spunkin' up together
4238 Let wierdo from 2nd floor play wiv me cock
4239 Can yer make yer cock as big as mine?
4240 Me face hidden under the peak of me baseball cap & me cock in yer gob
4241 Me cell mate's arse keeps me company
4242 Wanna squirt me spunk down yer throat
4243 Suck scally lad's(18+) cock as he has str8 phone sex

4244 We fuck Cosby scum for jumping our lads
4245 Council workman sucks me knob
4246 Hot scally wants to tongue yer bumhole
4247 Pick me up in yer car for some cock fun
4248 Wanna squirt me scally spunk over yer bum
4249 Me mate misses his bird so I offers me arse
4250 Paul's just found out that lads(18+) are great at sucking cock - do yer wanna suck it for 'im?
4251 Cock & bum play wiv me new mate Robbie
4252 Dirty scally lads(18+) luv stuffin' their sweaty dicks up tight arses - I want your arse mate!
4253 Suck me scally dick

4254 Lad(18+) gets stiff while sucking his bird's tits so I suck 'im off
4255 Take me back to your place for a hot shag
4256 Dirty old bastard offers us a lift so we put our cocks in his gob & arse
4257 Pull me trackies down, spank & shag me
4258 Two lads (18+) get their cocks out in the bogs
4259 Me & Robbie have cock fun in our footie kit
4260 I'll blast me hot scally spunk in yer face
4261 Pissin' against a wall wiv a scally lad(18+)
4262 Lad(18+) in scally club gets me cock well 'ard
4263 I ram me stiff cock up the lad's(18+) hot tight arse

4264 I wanna feel yer tight ring stretchin' round me big scally knob
4265 Never 'ad nobody as fit as me mate Robbie
4266 Show Wez I'm 'ard by taking his cock up me arse
4267 Digger's dad knobbed me sweaty bumhole
4268 Uncle Stevie gave me a good shaggin'
4269 Playin' pool naked in the pub for a laugh
4270 Put me sweaty trackies on, mate, and wank yer dick
4271 Let's 'ave a wank in the phone booth
4272 You up for a wank from the motorway bridge?
4273 Moshers 'ave sweaty balls & arseholes

4274 Freeballin' wiv a stiffie in me spunk-stained trackies
4275 Westy gang lads(18+) suck & rim
4276 Who's got the biggest cock in our gang?
4277 Shag me as Robbie slaps his dick in me face
4278 I didn't tell me bird that I screwed a scally lad (18+)
4279 Sex fun with two teen(18+) brothers
4280 I stuck me fingers & a dildo up me tight arse
4281 Cock & bum fun wiv me best mate
4282 Dirty old geezer stuffs his dick up me hole
4283 C'mon mate, let me suck yer off

4284 Sucking student's (18+) cocks through a glory-hole
4285 I sucked an old geezer's cock
4286 Went round me mate's flat for some cock fun
4287 I wanna suck yer big cock
4288 I luv a stiff cock up me bum
4289 Bum play wiv me best mate Gary
4290 Let some dirty old geezer screw me for £20
4291 Fantasy gangbang by college rugby team
4292 I need yer cock up me hot tight arse mate!
4293 Get yer gob round me drippin' knob

4294 You up for suckin' me scally dick?
4295 I play a game wiv me scally mates to see who can spunk up the highest
4296 Wankin' & suckin' lad(18+) behind the offy
All confessions are recorded by, and about, individuals over the age of 18 indulging in consensual sexual activities.
The terms 'lad', 'teen', 'teenager' and 'boy' refer to persons over the age of 18.
Calls cost £1.02 / min at all times. Calls from mobile phones and public phoneboxes may cost more than this.
Callers must be over 18 and must have the telephone bill-payer's permission. Service by ADV, PO Box 5092, NN8 4ZR.

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